About Attaché

Recently I found myself arriving in cities that I’d never been to before and knew very little about - on any level. Culture, language, transport, money, food, etiquette, etc.

But I found that modern travel content hadn’t caught up with the modern traveller and I wanted to fix that. So I created Attaché, the award-winning travel show.

During that journey I found that most travel books hadn’t evolved either. They all seem to be 500-page lists of tourist attractions and over-priced eateries. Nobody has time for that anymore. There’s very little that caters to today's traveller; the traveller who wants to dive beneath the veneer of a city and discover its spirit through the people that live there, and their food and drink, all while respecting local customs. We created the Attaché book to solve this problem.

- Alex Hunter

Who's behind all of this?

Alex Hunter, Travel Media Awards' 2016 & 2017 Travel Vlogger of the year, creator of @attache_travel and co-host @lay_overs, Greg Barnes, filmmaker extraordinaire at Cling Films, Elliot Jay Stocks and Sam Stocks, the team behind the indescribably beautiful Lagom magazine, and photographer Greg Annandale.


Photo: Dan Rubin