In this first of four planned Volumes, we're covering Asia and Oceania. Inside you'll find guides to:

• Mumbai • Bangkok • Kuala Lumpur • Singapore • Beijing • Hong Kong • Shanghai • Seoul • Tokyo • Manila • Jakarta • Guangzhou • Delhi • Osaka • Melbourne • Sydney • Auckland • Taipei • Kolkata • Shenzhen • Ho Chi Minh City

We've researched and curated all the essential information you need to experience these cities on your own terms. Things like:

  • how to use the local transport system

  • how to pay for things

  • tips on tipping

  • language essentials

  • must-eat food items and where to find them

  • local etiquette and customs

  • tips and tricks unique to each city

  • and tons more...

All this is presented alongside stunning photography, and a foreword by Mark Vanhoenacker, Boeing 747 pilot and bestselling author of Skyfaring and How to Land a Plane.


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No one has time for an hour long travel show full of mis-information and cheesy tourist traps. And we get it, you travel a lot and know your way around a departure lounge. So we're travelling around the world to give you everything you need to know to get the most out of those frequent trips; where to eat, how to get around, how much things cost, and how to avoid those embarrassing breaches of cultural etiquette.

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